Hilary McLea

hilaryHilary McLea is a loss and grief counsellor who, since 2008, has been running a private practice in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

Hilary spent 16 years working as a counsellor with the dying and bereaved at a local hospice. Her main interest being supporting the bereaved, she would train and supervise volunteers who offered support to recently bereaved families.

Her private practice is centred on individual counselling, covering any kind of loss which needs attention. Her work now includes family sessions, home visits to house-bound or frail bereaved, and spousal grief support groups.

Hilary is developing bereavement support groups for women in areas of Cape Town where access to any support is extremely limited.

She is a qualified aand registered Social Worker and a member of S.A.A.S.W.I.P.P (South African Association of Social Workers in Private Practice). The cost of sessions may be claimed from Medical Aids.