Rinda Blom

rindaRinda Blom is a registered social worker and has extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of play therapy. She has a Master’s degree (cum laude), as well as a Doctoral degree, specializing in the field of play therapy. Rinda has lectured on a Master’s degree in play therapy for eight years at the University of the Free State. She has guided several students in clinical play therapy practice, as well as in play therapy research projects, and has acted as external examiner for several Master’s and PhD play therapy students countrywide. 

Doctor Blom is author of the book: The Handbook of Gestalt Play Therapy: Practical Guidelines for Child Therapists, which was published in London, UK in 2006. Dr Violet Oaklander, internationally recognized play therapist, wrote the following about the book: “This book is one of the most comprehensive treatments I have ever seen about gestalt play therapy. It is a vital and important contribution to the literature of psychotherapy to children.” This book was recently translated into Hebrew.

Rinda has more than fifteen years’ play therapy experience with children. She received advanced international play therapy training at the Violet Oaklander Institute in Santa Barbara, USA, and has been training professionals, such as social workers, psychologists and occupational therapists, in South Africa in this field for many years. She has academic colours at two South African universities and is listed as a top achiever in the Department of Social Work, University of the Free State. Rinda has presented on play therapy-related topics at conferences in South Africa and abroad and has published articles on play therapy in academic journals in South Africa, as well as internationally.

She is currently director of the Red Shoe Play Therapy Training Centre, where she presents play therapy training and also maintains a private practice in play therapy. She follows an integrated play therapy approach, where, depending on the unique needs of the child, she integrates directive and non-directive techniques.